IFORS 2017


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  Behavioural Operational Research   Alberto Franco
  Constraint Programming   Bernard Gendron
  Continuous Optimization   José Mario Martínez
  Control Theory, System Dynamics   Ignacio García Jurado
  Data Science, Analytics   Karla Hoffman
  DEA, Performance Measurement   Ignacio García Jurado
  Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems   Ahti Salo
  Discrete Optimization, Mixed Integer Programming   Janny Leung
  Applications of OR   Celso C. Ribeiro
  Energy, Environment, Climate   Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Financial Modeling   Svetlozar Rachev
  Game Theory, Mathematical Economics   Shoshana Anily
  Graphs, Telecommunication, Networks   Bernard Fortz
  Location, Logistics, Transportation, Traffic   Marielle Christiansen
  Metaheuristics, Matheuristics   Richard Eglese
  Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization   Theodor Stewart
  OR for Development and Developing Countries   Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  OR in Education, History, Ethics   Peter Bell
  OR in Health and Life Sciences   Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  OR in Industry, Software for OR   Peter Bell & Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  OR in Natural Resources   Natashia Boland
  Production Management, Supply Chain Management   Stefan Nickel
  Revenue Management, Pricing, Managerial Accounting   Luce Brotcorne
  Risk Analysis and Management   Svetlozar Rachev & Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
  Scheduling, Timetabling, Project Management   Roger Ríos
  Simulation, Stochastic Programming and Modeling   Natashia Boland
  Soft OR, Problem Structuring Methods   Alberto Franco

The list of streams and stream coordinators is available at https://www.euro-online.org/conf/ifors2017/streams.